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Lascivious Grin Productions is an animation studio that creates rich media content for theatrical release as well as for clients in the fine arts, entertainment and advertising industries. Founded as a comic art publishing imprint in 1998, LGp’s work ranges from the sacred – our revered, award-winning commercial efforts; to the profane – the dark and troubling Jim Vagabond animation series; to the ephemeral – the hugely influential underground comic classic Lascivious Gripe.

Available for commissioned and commercial projects, Lascivious Grin is committed to cacophonic content creation. If that's something you might be interested in, and have some money to spend – get in touch and let’s create some mayhem together.

Mike Stuttman

Founder & CEO

“Jack-of-all”, "master of none”… pshaw! Those are just labels. A comic artist, animator and digital marketing pioneer, Mike is Lascivious Grin's founder, President and chief creative asset. Reared on developer, stop bath, fixer and grains of silver on film - with degrees in mathematics and computer art - he is a well regarded digital arts evangelist and entrepreneur. His multimedia work flourishes in a world of zeros and ones, RAM, software and pixels, and has been screened at film festivals and digital art shows worldwide.

Mike is a sought after public speaker and is available for a select few engagements throughout the year.


  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Compositing
  • Interactive Comics

Recent Work

The Jim Vagabond Series

#7 - Stuff Your Eyes


The RAID.451 team pays homage to an early inspiration.

#5 - Tradecraft


The offline data courier cover and the RAID.451 mission can sometimes conflict. Proper tradecraft is essential.
#5x - Interactive

#3 - Pick-ups & Drop-offs


The most dangerous game played in real time.

Extra Credit



Featured selection at the Coney Island Film Festival, PolyGrind Las Vegas, The Atlanta Underground Film Festival, and many other festivals of distinction.


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Lascivious Grin Productions
Westport, Connecticut